Jay offers electribe 2 classes & workshops in real life and online electribe lessons via Zoom video webinar. You don’t have to be a Synthesizer nerd to do electronic music! With the electribe you’ll learn how to produce and perform electronic dance music without any additional devices and without iPad or computer.



learn to easily produce electronic music with fun

music creation anytime & everywhere

one machine for everything instead of multiple mini gear



get haptic instead of swiping on your iPad screen

learn a real, hand-played instrument

learn hidden electribe programming tips & tricks


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Jay speaks english, français & deutsch!


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KORG electribe 2 Workstation“After many years of producing on the laptop, I have specialized in this groovebox with its integrated synthesizer section, which, in contrast to working on the computer, is faster because of the limited possibilities you get faster results, which nevertheless sound detailed and high-quality. By eliminating the computer screen, you also work more focused, composed more with the ears and is closer to the actual making music. Thanks to the integrated swing function and the analog-sounding filters, the tracks sound funky and organic. The device is battery-operated, compact, robust and inexpensive. It also has a high-quality, low-noise sound.”

“In the past, I’ve worked on PC and Mac with Impulse Tracker, Jeskola Buzz and Ableton Live. Then I also used the hardware synthesizer/sequencer Novation Nova. In 2015, I completely switched to the KORG electribe 2 because working on the computer screen frustrated me. Working with the Electribe 2 corresponds to my mobile, pragmatic and limited approach and allows me to better integrate my creativity into everyday life and to live out my creative urge on the go. I do not need a studio, the Electribe with batteries and headphones is enough for me. I often produce outdoors, on the road on my train rides, with the different, changing environments providing a different, freer feeling than indoors in the studio. Since the Electribe 2 initially had no song mode or pattern chaining, I trained myself according to the device’s concept to perform the arrangement live. This makes the Electribe a real musical instrument with which one already performs while composing.”

electribe2 Synthesizer Workstation

“Through the portable device, I avoid prolonged creative breaks which has greatly increased my output of tracks. As with any creative, there are still times when I can’t create anything but when the muse kisses me, I can grab the electribe from my backpack and in 20 seconds I’m back in the composition process, without the computer or MIDI and cable problems disturbing the flow. I am quite accurate and detailed in sound design and composing, but due to the restrictions of the machine I do not lose myself in endless detail as it happens very fast with the computer and its unlimited possibilities and distractions. With the Electribe 2, my ears are not distracted by a graphical user interface. Here, listening comes first and the small display is completely sufficient.”

“Thanks to the Electribe, I now get much more satisfying results and have regained my pleasure in producing.”

“Jay knows how to create a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere and convey the content in a rousing, empathetic and humorous way. Top!”


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