• Jay Data

    The funky Futurist

  • Multimedia Performances

    dance music Producer and multimedia Artist

  • Electronic Music Classes

    electribe 2 Expert and Trainer

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Hi, I’m Jay!

I produce, teach and perform electronic dance music and create epic multimedia shows.

With my degree in musicology (M.A.) and 25 years of experience in electronic dance music production, I am teaching KORG electribe 2 online trainings & real-life classes for beginners and advanced producers

Jay Data from Cologne, Germany composes and performs his ecstatic and fluffy electronic dance music (90s House, Detroit Techno and Kraftwerk Electro) dressed in white and ultra-mobile, with his attached KORG Electribe 2 Groovebox (KORG EMX2). As a trained musicologist he teaches online Skype lessons on electronic dance music production and performance with the ‘KORG electribe 2 production station’. As an urban outdoor performer and electronic street musician, he is seen at open-air events like street parties, festivals, exhibitions and music video shoots in the wild, urban nature and industrial wastelands. He performs either solo as Jay Data or together with his collective ELEKTRO BODY FORCE and its epic multimedia performance.

Jay’s Sound:

fluffy – funky – ecstatic – energetic

organic – melodic – uplifting – epic